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Welcome to Journey Through Sci-Fi, your ultimate destination for discussions on a wide spectrum of Sci-Fi films, spanning from

all-time classics to the latest blockbusters, we've got it all covered.


Join us, your dedicated hosts, James and Matt, as we embark on a journey through cinematic history. In every episode, we dissect two  Sci-Fi films, and delve deep into their themes, social commentary,

and enduring influence on the world of cinema.

Our podcast takes you on an exploratory voyage through the vast realms of science fiction. Each season, we immerse ourselves in a unique sub-genre, unravelling the imaginative and futuristic concepts that define it.

Get ready to embark on a thought-provoking odyssey through the

Sci-Fi universe as we Journey Through Sci-Fi!


"What’s fantastic about Journey Through Sci-Fi, is that unlike most

movie podcasts, they truly do take the listener on a journey"


"The best sci-fi podcast I have ever come across."

"I’m so glad I found this show. I’m a big sci-fi buff, and this

definitely delivers what I’m looking for each week."

"Material is treated with curiosity, affection and contextualised

in a way that makes every episode such a treat."

"Glad to find a sci-fi movie/tv podcast that explores overall themes

and doesn’t focus on nitpicks, but discusses character and ideas!"

"Fantastic podcast. Great listen and lots of

interesting themes and films discussed!"


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